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Aeternum: The Journal of Contemporary Gothic Studies (ISSN2324-4895) is an open-access biannual on-line journal. It offers peer-reviewed academic articles. The purpose of the Journal is to provide an emphasis on contemporary Gothic scholarship, bringing together innovative perspectives from different areas of study.

Aeternum welcomes contributions from the breadth of contemporary Gothic Studies, with a focus on:

  • contemporary issues within Gothic scholarship, such as technology, digitality, geo-cultural politics, food studies, and global communication;

  • varied and multi-faceted readings of the Gothic, recognising the importance and impact of cultural differences on the genre;

  • innovative and fresh perspectives on the Gothic within traditional areas such as literature, television and film; 

  • areas of research which go beyond disciplines and subjects traditionally associated with Gothic research;

  • under-represented areas and disciplines which nonetheless have a strong Gothic focus and have built influential portfolios, such as animation, design, digital humanities, dramaturgy, cultural history, food studies, music, and pedagogy;

  • international scholarship which considers perspectives and topics originating not only from North America and Europe, but also other prolific areas of Gothic scholarship such as Australasia.

  • over-looked regional incarnations of the Gothic and how they interact with issues of a global nature.

Prospective contributors are welcome to discuss ideas for articles with the Editor prior to submission (Dr Lorna Piatti-Farnell: ).

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